Research is at the base of innovation. Without research there is no progress. It is needed to innovate, to renew and to keep ahead of competition. We can be your partner in technological research. Our research is practical, if you have an idea we will approach it from a practical direction. That's because we believe it is the fastest way to get usable results even though research is meant to be conducted unbiased. We will always work to a proof of concept which shows the possibilities of your proposed concept. Even if turns out not to have to potential you hoped for, a proof of concept will show what is possible giving the opportunity to change the original concept into something valuable.

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Feasibility study

Do you have a unanswered question in physics or embedded systems related area? We can help you to find out if your idea is feasible and applicable by means of a literature study, a simulation (FEM, SPICE, etc.) or a calculation / computation cyle. Together with experiences in different disciplines in different fields we are able to get an answer.

Electronic prototyping

Getting to a proof of concept means electronic prototyping which is really the art of getting a concept working in real life on real electronics in short times again showing the possibilities. When you have a proof of concept in front of you, it will always give you more insights ans thus more information to base the next desicion on. Another advantage is that the development cycle when decided to turn the proof of concept to a product will go much faster due to those insights and knowledge.

Software prototyping

Most electronic systems have a controller with embedded software at their base. Therefor software prototyping is as important as electronic prototyping. When building a proof of concept for measurement equipment it is very valuable to have the possibility to experiment with algoritms and other software assets to get to a result as fast as possible.

Mechanical prototyping

It is known that developing a product brings multiple disciplines together. It is unfairly considers this is not the case for proof of concepts. The need of mechanical prototyping can not be underestimated. You can think of environmental influences, sensors and test facilities.

Examples of previously done work or work in progress: 

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