Research gives you an answer, development a product. If after a positive research the result has to be translated to a product, we can help you. The key is in merging all disciplines into a single product with a strong focus usability and 'field' performance. This approach differs from a research approach in which every aspect is focused on getting good results.

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Concept Development

At SchirraTech all is about development. But to end projects in a proper way it is important to know what we're going to create. It is a matter of concept development. In this creative phase we will discuss what's possible, dreams and ahead to make the ideas all come together in the middel. We believe that starting off with well defined product descriptions and specifications will work out in a better controllable project in which the status is clear any time. Afterwards, the verification phase will be much easier.

Schematics & Device Selection

When a clear goal has been defined, drawing the schematics are the next step. This scheme graphically represents the functionality in a electrical sense. In this phase the building blocks in the overview diagram are translated to individual components. The art is to choose the best combination of individual components to reach specifications.  This combination is depending on multiple component requirements e.g. performance, reliability, mechanical aspects, electromagnetic aspects, deliverability and costs.

Simulation & Evaluation

Before designing the pcb the schematic is evaluated through simulation which means the computer stimulates the electrical circuit and calculates its outcome. It is even possible to simulate the circuit in deviating and extreme external factors like high temperatures. Although the simulation is a helpful tool, we cannot fully rely on it, butt use it as a guiding factor and gives us more insights in the circuit in designing it first time right.

Design & Development

Next step is to translate the schematic into the physical pcb. This phase is just as important as the schematic design phase. When the best combination of components is not correctly placed and / or routed it will not function properly. It is therefore very important to route and place correctly with the physical and electromagnetic aspects in mind. Also during this process the project gets it physical form. A perfect design is a combination of the mentioned rational aspects as well a dose of healthy creativity.

Software Development

Most hardware does not work without software or firmware. These days software can be found in many products. SchirraTech offers its expertise in soft and firmware development for microcontrollers and FPGA's in C/C++ respectively VHDL. Which includes digital signal processing in the field of analog signal enhancement or other data retention and processing. The power of a powerful, accurate and cost effective analog system is present in the combination of hardware and software.

Mechanical development

How beautiful the electronics are, it is almost never visible. It is enclosured by the product itself. We get that the electronics are part of a product or concept. Therefor we can participate in the mechanical design. That includes concept development, 3D modelling, FEM Analysis, 3D prototyping with 3D printers, a lathe and a milling machine.

Test, Debug & Verification

After the pcb is designed, fabricated, assembled and software is written the pcb can be tested and verified with the specification stated at the start of the project. With multimeters, oscilloscopes, generators, software and many other instruments the prototype will be investigated and tested to the limit. When requested the electronics will also be tested in other climate conditions like high or low temperatures. When verified, production can be prepared.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

At SchirraTech we also think ahead in the long term. The project doesn’t end with the delivery of production files and a prototype (when requested, sure) but as designers of your products electronics system we like to participate in the design of a production test system. With this system a half or full automated system checks every assembled electronic system if it meets the requirements (see the importance of specs). Also when components are threatened to get out of production we can find a solution. Also the production and assembly of your product is in safe hands at SchirraTech as we produce and assembly mid-size batches for the high tech industry.